For the Love of the Game: A Century of Hockey in Trail, BC

For the Love of the Game: A Century of Hockey in Trail, BC

It was a cold January 18th, 1902, when two groups of young men gathered at the small ice surface reccently created on lower Bay Avenue near the train station in Trail, BC. They quickly laced on their skates and took their sticks onto the ice to warm up for the first hockey game of the season between Rossland and Trail. A large crowd surrounded the playing surface, many of whom had come by train from the alpine city. A tradition was born.

Throughout the next century, hockey became part of Trail's cultural and social mosaic. No other community in Canada has enjoyed the success Trail hockey teams and players have had on the ice. The small community n estled in the mountains of Southeast British Columbia, embraces the sport of hockey like no other.

Learn about the achievements of the famous Trail Smoke Eaters (TM), the community's strong minor hockey porgram and its junior hockey teams. Interviews with former members of the 1939 and 1961 World Hockey Championship teams and others will convey to you the elation the community experienced when their team made hockey history and what hockey means to Trail and Canada. Archival film footage will treat you to the play by play of the final game of the 1961 World Hockey Championship and Norm Lenardon's title winning goal.

The City of Trail is an example of what hockey means to Canadians. The hockey stories here epitomize our Country's relationship with our national pastime. Share Trail's love of the sport and appreciate the impact hockey has had on the community, past and present.

Produced by Darryl Taylor & Catherine Manna of Columbia Heights Studios.

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